I’m still here….

14 Jun

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but I’ve not been cooking a lot lately either. From June 2nd through the 10th, I was with the Trinity United Methodist Church Cross & Flame Youth Choir’s Summer 2012 Choir Tour to Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, D.C. My 17 year-old daughter asked me if I would go as a chaperon. How cool is that. I was responsible for four or five high school seniors and recent graduates who I enjoyed being around and the worship services, performances and sights of Washington, D.C. made for a wonderful week. However, going a week without cooking was brutal. I had cooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza on the Kamado Joe just before we left, but it had been over a week since I had cooked when I fired up the Big Green Egg to cook a nice porterhouse and a couple of little “Ranch Steaks” from the chuck sub-primal. The steaks were cooked in “traditional” Big Green Egg style – seared quickly on both sides, then all the vents were shut down completely and the steaks cooked to a nice 120 degree medium rare by the radiant heat generated by the heated ceramic cooker. I got about three great meals out of those steaks!

Later in the week, I fired up the Primo XL Oval to cook some very large boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Seasoned with Bad Byron’s Butt Rub, the breasts were cut into two pieces each and then the thicker of the two pieces from each breast was butterflied to shorten the cooking time. The breasts were cooked indirect by use of a plate setter until just short of 160, then finished over direct heat to get some color on the meat. I also grilled some Texas sweet onions on the Primo to compliment the chicken and some fresh pineapple to give the meal a little sweet-tart quality. It was a good dinner.

More later and there are a couple of big cooks coming up, so I will try to be better about posting more often and including some shots of the festivities.



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