Dual Cooking Methods – Grill/Roasting

21 Dec

As I’ve accumulated an “abundance” of grills and smokers, I’ve learned that sometimes, I get a lot of mileage out of combining cooking methods and sometimes using more than one cooker for a single cook. I’ve flash fried chicken to give it a nice, brown, crispy crust, then finished cooking the chicken on a grill. I’ve combined grilling – searing meat at a very high temperature – with roasting the meat on another cooker at a moderate temperature.  Combining two methods in one cook can yield some wonderful food and I like because I get to use more than one of my cookers at a time!

Today, I came across this blog post by Michael Ruhlman.  Mr. Ruhlman is one of the food authorities I have come to respect as I’ve started the explore the world of food. I have his book “Ratios” and wholeheartedly recommend it as a kitchen staple. I’m hopeful that his newer book “Twenty” soon finds its way to my reading shelf.

Although most of my posts here will describe my own techniques and methods, this is one where I couldn’t have said it better.

That being said, I recommend this article: http://ruhlman.com/2011/12/grill-roast-beef-recipe/

I will be using this technique on Friday with two nice whole beef tenderloins and my Vermont Castings Gas Grill and my Traeger Texas Grill. I’ll let you know how the meat turns out!


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