Wednesday night Quickie! Yeah!

14 Dec

A quickie dinner – what else were you thinking.

We had planned fajitas for dinner yesterday, but we ended up eating out when we had a chance to get the Worlds Most Wonderful Wife and the Dynamic Daughter Duo all together so the flank steak marinade of mojo and soy sauce got drained and the steak got tossed in the meat drawer to hang out until today.

The plan was simple – season the flank steak with some mojo powder, Slap yo Mama rub and some dark roast coffee grounds, then grill it with some thick onion slices. Some shredded cheese, cheese dip, flour tortillas and salsa later, it would be dinner.

The next order of business was to pick the grill of the night from the Grill Garden. Today’s choice was the 1992 RED Weber Performer, plain old Kingsford briquettes, a couple of lumps of pecan and a chimney starter – old school, comfortable and familiar.

Once the charcoal was ready and dumped, I arranged it into a two layer fire – hot on the right, cool on the left. The flank steak hit the grill and sizzled for about 4 minutes then I flipped it to the other side, over another part of the hot side of the grill. I tossed a piece of expanded steel over the part of the grill where the steak had been and sprayed it with some cooking spray, covered and let the steak cook and the expanded metal grate heat up for about another four minutes. Then the flank steak went to the cooler side of the grill and the onions, which had been brushed with olive oil and dusted with fajita seasoning went on the expanded metal grate.

After about 4 more minutes, I checked the temp on the flank steak Рclose to 100 degrees Рand broke apart the onion slices to expose more surface area of the onion to the heat and get more caramelization  on the onion. After about 4 more minutes, I tossed the onions around and checked the temperature of the flank steak with my BLUE Thermapen. The steak was pushing 120 so I tossed it back over the hot side of the grill for a couple minutes until it hit about 130. Time for the steak to rest, the onions to finish up and it was time to eat!

While the steak was cooking, we discovered that the inventory of flour tortillas was a bit low so I volunteered to pass on the flatbreads and just eat the meat and grilled onions. I don’t know what it is about the combination of grilled meat and grilled onions, but it’s a flavor mix that is hard to beat. Before I knew it, the Dynamic Daughter Duo and I had polished off the better part of a pound and a half flank steak. It was delicious! The wonderful part is that my part of the steak tipped in at about 450 calories, the onions at about 60 and the incredibly satisfying meal left me enough calories for the day for a touch of dessert before bedtime AND enough steak for a wonderful breakfast to start the day tomorrow!


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