Just some chicken…. but it was GOOD chicken!

13 Dec

Tonight was one of those nights that become more common as winter wears on. The weather wasn’t bad, but I needed to cook something for dinner with no muss and no fuss and cook it pretty quickly. Tonight was the kind of night for which gas grills were made.

I cook on charcoal about 80% of the time, but for tailgates and times like now when I need to get something grilled quickly, I go gas. I know, with the weed burner, I can have charcoal lit in just a few minutes, but with the gasser, I can light it up, come in and get the food ready for the grill and go back outside and the grill will be ready. This is not a sip a toddy while the charcoal comes to temp kind of night.

The chicken was my favorite – Piggly Wiggly chicken – boneless skinless breasts, that I marinated all day in a mixture of Mojo and Worcestershire sauce. I dried the marinade mixture off of the chicken breasts and sprinkled both sides with Weber Kickin’ Chicken rub.

By this time, my Weber Silver Genesis B (REDHEAD) was up to about 500 degrees, so I cut the gas back to about one half, and put the breasts on the grill. Three minutes later, turn and move to a fresh part of the grill; three minutes later, cut the gas to the back burner and move the chicken over that burner (temps were about 425 after cutting the gas after the initial heat; and dropped to about 400 after cutting the back burger). Six minutes later (12 minutes total), the Thermapen told me my breasts were at 162 – 164 degrees so it was time to eat.

A lot of people don’t like boneless, skinless chicken breasts and sometimes for good reason. If they aren’t prepared, seasoned and cooked properly, they can be dry, tough and tasteless. But a bath in the Mojo/Worcestershire mixture, the quick sear on both sides and the finish on indirect heat leaves the breasts tender and moist, and the Kickin’ Chicken gives them just the right touch of flavor and heat. These chicken breasts were a perfect compliment to the roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and baked zucchini planks that the World’s Most Wonderful Wife prepared as sides for us and as dinner for her.

Just a simple chicken cook on my old standby Weber gas grill with some simple roasted and baked vegetables. The result: a tasty and satisfying dinner for our little family.


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