Winter Grillin Rules in Effect Tonight

6 Dec

Well, not for the cold – the Primo, Kamado Joe and BGEs are the Honeybadgers of BBQ – they just don’t care – but because of the rain.

Winter Grillin’ Rules involve placing the selected grill at the threshold of my garage door and garage, just outside enough that the vent directs the smoke outside, but I can stand out of the rain to do the grillin’.

Tonight, the selected grill was the Small BGE, resting comfortably in the gorgeous cedar table delivered by my brother a few weeks ago.

The selected protein was a 14 oz NY Strip, about an inch and a half thick, that had been marinated in Italian Dressing (the last one from this batch could have used a little tenderizing so I enlisted the Italian Dressing for this one), and sprinkled with Weber’s Burgundy Beef seasoning.

Cooking temperature was about 500 degrees. The method was to do four minutes on each side, rotating 45 degrees before flipping. After that, the temp of the steak was about 100 degrees – right where it needed to be at that time. I sat the steak on a platter, then put a stainless steel dog bowl on the grate, sat a second cooking grate on top of that, then returned the steak to the cooker, now roasting on indirect heat, for another 8 minutes until the temperature was about 125 degrees. I like my steaks at between 130 and 135, and thick cuts will continue to cook as much as 10 degrees after coming off the grill, so 125 was as done as I like to see them on the grill.

The NY Strip rested for about 5 minutes while the pasta finished up. The cooked weight was about 12 oz, and I managed to refrain from wolfing down the last 5 ounces, which will be breakfast tomorrow.

The flavor was great, with a hit of spice and seasoning from the dressing and the rub, and for once, I managed to get the steak off the grill in time that the carryover cooking didn’t take it too far on the doneness scale.

Nope, the Ceramic Cookers don’t care about the weather, and come to think of it, neither do I!


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