A Three Cooker Day…..

4 Dec

We’ve all heard the reference to a “Three Dog Night” (referring to the weather, not to the 1970’s era rock band of the same name). Yesterday, I had a “Three Cooker Day,” which is much better than a chilly “Three Dog Night.”

I started the day by cooking lunch for the World’s Most Wonderful Wife and me on the BGE Mini, then cooked a nice NY Strip Steak and Bourbon/Maple Syrup Glazed Sweet Potatoes on the new-to-the-Grill-Garden Primo XL Oval (more on that cooker in another post), and then wrapped up the day with an overnight Boston Butt cook on the Kamado Joe. I just put the butt in foil at about 170 degrees internal a few minutes ago.  Any time I can put together an opportunity to cook on three of my favorite cookers in a 24 hour period, that has got to be a good day!

Here is the link for the sweet potato recipe:  http://www.weber.com/grillout/recipes/sides/bourbon-glazed-yams-with-mint. It is highly recommended. We didn’t have any fresh mint leaves, so we skipped those, and due to supply limitations, I substituted three tablespoons of Maple Syrup (dark amber) for three tablespoons of the corn syrup. Since it was just Melissa and me for dinner last night, I cooked only one sweet potato. I’m saving the unused glaze for some pork loin chops later in the week. We’ll also bake the other sweet potatoes with those pork chops, but that will be another post…..


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