Conference Championship Cooking

3 Dec

Today is the big “Conference Championship” day – SEC, Conference USA, Big 10, etc., and since I’ve not had a chance to grill anything since early in the week, I was anxious to get starting with the day’s cooking. Luckily, the weather decided to cooperate with a gorgeous, brisk, late fall day here in the Heart of Dixie.

I hadn’t cooked on my Mini Big Green Egg in a while and noticed that when I was unloading the Primo, the Mini was looking a little sad, so I decided to grill some lunch today for Missy and me.

Missy is a vegetarian; I am not. But I got it all worked out in my mind (to borrow a phrase from the contractor who built our home a decade or so ago) to cook a pizza for her and a couple of sliders for me. It would be the first time I had tried pizza on the Mini, and because of the size, it would definitely be a “personal” pizza.

I lit the Wicked Good lump with my long handled propane torch, then put the 2 8″ pizza stones I got from on the grill grate to heat up. I came inside and started working on the pizza: about a third of a ball of pizza dough from Publix, some freshly shredded mozzarella, some Bertolli tomato and basil sauce and some fresh basil. By the time the pizza was ready, the Mini was reading about 475 in the dome and the stones were hot.

I had decided, however, to cook my little burgers first so I used my welding glove to remove the heated stones and slide them under the Mini and cook the sliders. They didn’t take long to cook since the Mini was rolling at about 550 – 600 without the stones on the grill. Once cooked, I sat the sliders aside, put the stones back on the grill, and slid the burgers under the cooker on a small plate to keep the warm.

The pizza slid nicely onto the top stone thanks to my pizza peel and a little flour. I gave it about 15 minutes with the temperature in the dome running about 400 degrees. The pizza was thicker than a traditional Pizza Margherita so I didn’t wait for the temp on the BGE to come back to a hotter temperature. I added the basil leaves when I figured the pizza had about 5 minutes to go. The smell coming from the open top vent of the Mini was wonderful!

When the crust was nice and crisp (but not dark) and the crust was starting to brown around the edges and the cheese was nice and bubbly, I pulled the pizza and took it inside to Missy. She declared it “very good” and proceeded to make the pizza very personal indeed by eating the whole thing – I had at least hoped for a bite to see how the fruits of my labors had turned out – but I “made do” with the little sliders on toasted buns (that I toasted directly on the pizza stone after I took the pizza off).

A successful effort and a good lunch for all. Next, to fire up the Primo to cook dinner……


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