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Tonight’s Burgers on the (Small) Big Green Egg

30 Nov

Things I wanted to do with this modest blog was to chronicle, for my own recollection, as well as for anybody else who might be interested, the things that I cooked and the grills I cooked them on.

Tonight is the first “chilly” night of the year – its about 36 degrees now, and some people might think that too cold to be cooking on a grill outside. I agree – to a degree – it’s too cold for me to be outside, but not to grill outside!

I am fortunate enough to have a small Big Green Egg resting in a beautiful cedar table (thank you to my brother, Phillip Smith, for the table) that lives in the garage, just inside the garage door.

This lets me put the BGE table just outside the garage door and allows me to relax in a chair, wearing my Carhart duck coat just a safe distance from the cold air blast.

Tonight, I decided to fire up the BGE and cook some burgers made from some Piggly Wiggly ground chuck that I bought last night.

I hand patted four (4) five ounce (5 oz) burgers, seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and Weber’s Gourmet Burger seasoning – my current favorite burger seasoning combination.

I lit the lump in the Egg with my weed burner and cut some onions and tomato slices while it came up to temperature.

The burgers went on when the Egg was at about 450, and cooked for about 5 minutes a side, then I topped one of the burgers with some onions and shut the vent and put on the DMFT (closed). After another couple minutes, I added a slice of smoked gouda cheese. When the cheese melted, I checked the temperature of the burgers – 150 degrees – perfect.

The burgers rested while I was toasting a sesame seed bun and I topped the bun with my standard ketchup and mustard, then added my burger topped with onions and cheese, added tomato and lettuce and enjoyed it tremendously. No sides – just a few Carolina BBQ Chips for some crunch.

I do love burgers……


Well, we’ll give this a try…..

28 Nov

Hello world!

28 Nov

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